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Our Company:

Green Forest Products S.A. was founded on November 8, 2006. Since then, the company has been entirely dedicated to its core business based on the agroforestery and export of Brazil nuts of the highest quality.

The activities of our company cover all stages in the production of Brazil Nuts, as if; harvesting of nuts as raw material, transport, manufacture and export of nuts as a finished product.

The incessant search for the improvement of quality and efficiency led our company to invest in a training program to improve our workforce, as well as to make sustained investments in all infrastructure and machinery shows in compliance with the international certification standards BRC Global Standards obtained with TÜV Rheinland.

This vision in return allowed us to become a company with strong social values and a growing base of international customers.

Our Vision:

One strategy is to train and educate our entire workforce so that they can progress and access increasingly better paid and more dignified jobs and, in this way, they can improve their economic income for their own benefit and that of their families.

Another key strength of Green Forest Products S.A.’s vision is the close collaboration with associations of indigenous and peasant gatherers to whom we finance the crop by providing assistance so that they can access Fairtrade market prices improving the harsh conditions in which they live in the jungle.

Through our commitments we can affirm that we make every effort to improve both the quality of life of our people and the quality of our exportable production.

Today we produce about 100 containers per year, the equivalent of 1,600 tons of Bolivian nuts of the highest quality.

Technical Office

Heads of Production Areas

Maintenance Team

Our company offers products of the highest quality based on Brazil Nuts. Our constant training and relentless quest to improve quality allows us to outperform each day, so we affirm that, if the product is from Green Forest, it is good!!! ¨.

Carlos Valdez Hecker / Founder
Green Forest Products S.A.