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Administrative and Management Team:

Carlos Valdez Hecker
General Manager and CEO

Paola Cuani Vargas
Administrative and Financial Manager

Diana Rossi Galarza
Accountant General

Gynna Maylenia Loayza
Head of human resources

Yamileth Crespo
Labor Affairs Assistant

Rodolfo Barba Suarez
Chief Operating Officer

Rusbi Ota Pacamia
Assistant Accountant and Adm. Warehouses

Harrison Niño de Guzman
Head of Computer Science, Systems and Networking

Marcos Lazo Hollkons
Product Manager Derivatives

Marcos Alain Nuñez Joseff
Derivative Products Manager

Angelica Florido Rappu
Secretary and Public Care

Technical Team:

Laura Soria Galvarro
Quality manager

Rosalyn Arias Medina
Production manager

Silenia Guardia Vaca
Process and Quality Advisor

Lizeth Valverde Patzi
Head of Logistics

Norio Kanashiro Dehesa
Export Manager

Carlos Arze Suarez
Head of Raw Material